Coefficient of Friction C-110 Cerakote Microslick

C-110 Cerakote Microslick is an air dry cure coating specifically designed to increase lubricity in areas of low tolerance. C-110 is commonly used on engine components, such as piston skirts, valve stems, and timing chains, as well as, a wide range of objects including saw blades, bolt-threads, gears, and ball bearings.  

After 2000 wear cycles the average value of "  " increased to 0.417. This indicates that as the service of the C-110 Microslick began to wear the surface was broken in before settling into an average value for the coefficient of friction.  For high use and extended wear applications, "  " should be taken as 0.417.  For single or lower use applications the value of "  " is lower. This study indicates that Cerakote C-110 can be successfully used as a dry-film lubricant.

*Cerakote Firearm Coatings evaluation of the coefficient of friction For C-110 Cerakote Micro slick dry film lubricant.


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